Saturday, March 2, 2013


What a blast we had yesterday! We had a lot of dancing and great pals that helped out as we had a seevere case of technical difficulties! The bride looked absolutely radiant! And then our Aunt Lori made things even better by officially crowning the happy couple Prince and Princess! The cake was stunning and we're sure they neeeded a good long time to clean up afterwards! We saw anipals we hadn't seen in a long time and some we'd never met! A lot of otrb blogger anipals came too, led by sweet Inigo (who, by the way looked stunning at the wedding). Our sweet pal Jack who followed Nim to the bridge a few months after Nim left made a surprise appearance and it was awesome to see him so youthful and healthy.
There was one resounding message from all of our pals: the Bridge is not the end, but merely the beginning of another chapter. They never really leave, and in the most trying times of life, they are right next to you to walk through them with you.
We want to thank so many people, we are sure we will probably forget one or two, so we apologize in advance!
Chloe was the one that coronated the new couple, and her mama was instrumental in the planning of the reception.
Lily held down the fort and kept the pawty going when mama's computer rebelled.
To the anipals that kept the pawty going after we had to leave early - thank you. We're not sure who all was there, but thanks!
Brian and hollie, two of the busiest kitties EVER took a moment to stop in and have a glass of champagne with us and that was furry special... but poor Monkey got trashed after Hollie left!
To the Bride's family - thank you for a bootiful wedding and for joining us on twitter. And your sweet wedding planner Gracie was just pawsome.
Our sweet super-sized twin Shadow who finally hauled her mama back onto twitter even if just for a minute.
Thanks to everyone for showing up and see ya later!

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