Friday, April 5, 2013


"Resistance is FUTILE" once exclaimed a Borg on Star Trek... well that is what it's starting to feel like preparing for a post Google Reader future. I finally installed Feedly on the phone as I do a lot of my skimming at least on break at work. Their new Title view is helpful as a lot of my feeds aren't stuff that needs to be read instantly (and yes I know I promised more commenting - I'm trying but it's been busy as **** here). I'm just hoping phone Feedly and Kindle Feedly stay sync'd up. I still don't LIKE it, but I'm adjusting to it. Honestly Feedly on the phone is a little better LOL.
Shhh... don't say a word, don't make a peep... but the twins are laying together, on the same cushion on the couch too! Trust me that's a feat with their two fat ***es! *giggle* But they ARE Coons, they'd look - and probably be - sickly if they were the size of NORMAL cats. I miss Nimmy's six-pack abs... the vet didn't believe me, I just told her to flip him on his back and feel! He was my exercise buddy. He did crunches I did arm presses (pulling him up haha). I'd never get away with that with either of the twins, although with a little assistance Curzon will still play with his tail like he did when he was a kitten. But it's not the same now that he knows not to bite it! *lmao*
I'm so happy that it's finally warming up outside. I might have to go sit outside a little bit - and maybe drag an unsuspecting cat outside with me. It'll depend on if the work crew is still here working on the apartment next door. I am just hoping it stays warm outside. I don't care if it rains now and then as long as it stays warm!
On that thought.. I am going to go sit out in the sun - granted all layered up still, but it's a step in the right direction! The sun beating on my black jeans and black sweater will keep me warm hopefully. Too bad I can't bug bomb the OUTDOORS. Geez. But I better enjoy it before it gets REAL bad outside!


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The Florida Furkids said...

If you figure out how to bug bomb the outdoors, please let Mom know.

We're playing with Feedly too. We didn't realize there was a Kindle version and will check that out too. We HATE that Google Reader is going away :(

The Florida Furkids