Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Curzon: Mama what the (bleep) were you thinking, letting our cat box get like that?
TSB: Dude, I'm sorry I ran out of litter. And your box wasn't as bad as you make it out to be. You're just a diva wannabe.
Jadzia: *falls over laughing* that he is!
C: Hey! Whose side you on?
J: The one that feeds me!
C: Figures. And then on her "day off" she leaves us for hours!
TSB: I had a brunch date with the sweet lady you met when I got home.
C: That wasn't fair how you disturbed my sleep! But she was a sweetie. So I forgive you.
TSB: And I showed her lots of pictures of you guys and Nimbus, especially when you were younger.
J: And then mama came home and cracked something open that sounded like stinky goodness but didn't give us any!
TSB: I got myself a can of soup to put down my stomach after having the hot chocolate this morning. I finally found out that the grocery store coffee area makes their hot chocolate with lactaid milk if you request it. And it tasted good too. So obviously I didn't like the milk in the last one.
Twins: Mama you're not ready for milk yet!
TSB: No, I'm not ready to pound it yet, like I did the other night when I drank that big glass of chocolate lactose free milk. But I can do it slowly in little bits.
C: I'm just not very anxious to nurse you back AGAIN. You get so sick when you DO get sick that its hard to get you better.
TSB: You make it sound like I get sick a lot. I don't get seriously ill often. Most of the time I can shake off a cold or flu in a couple days. This was different. 10 years ago was different even more so. And I'm not sure y'all knew what to do with me then.
J: You were so very sick then but you got through it. Just like daddy when he got hurt and... wait... *sigh*
TSB: We all tried sweetie. He fought so hard sweetie.
C: *curls up mama's lap* I'm going to sleep. Nini.

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