Tuesday, April 23, 2013


So I just got done finally getting my blog bookmarks onto the kindle onto the main browser. The one I had them on doesn't export in any form that any other browser would like. So I had to boot up the pc, install the desktop version of opera (I use opera and opera mini on both the kindle and the phone) and then set up a sync account. This is after I sat for two hours one by one on dolphin on the kindle adding to a cloud account... only to discover it didn't leave it in a real bookmark form, just saved the current page. THAT DOESN'T HELP! So I figured out how to set up sync... but it synchronized ALL my bookmarks... now yes I had just installed it but opera automatically snatched all my firefox bookmarks! Cod... and then I had to figure out why it wasn't wanting to sync, and honestly I'm not sure what I did to fix it. Then I had to turn off sync and delete the folders and bookmarks I don't want and/or need on the kindle. Was so frustrating... I don't need every blog link on my kindle, I just want all the cat blog ones! Ok problem one fixed after like 6 hours... and a headache later!
And then lately the camera that @whskr sent me decided it didn't want to read the card anymore. So I of course asked the previous owner first. Nope, didn't happen to her. And then as I was cleaning an area in the bedroom I discovered a brand spanking new microsd to sd converter still in its packaging, probably from one of the many phones I went through last year. Wouldn't you know, that's all it was. Problem two fixed after weeks and coming up with other plans.
While I had the computer up I got into my google reader to try to find a way to save my saved feeds from the last 4 years. I un-starred the ones that I don't need, and then I found that cycling the stars on the others resets the time, which should put them within feedly's range so hopefully feedly will be able to snatch them up. If not, I will just have to go through and snag links. Oof. I'll keep you posted on that as I know so many of you, like me, depended on Reader. Now there's rumors that they won't kill it after all but I never believe rumors. I'm starting to get adjusted to feedly now that they have just the title screen. The closer they get to Reader's feel the better and easier the adjustment will be. So far so good. I just hate that I can only see a handful on each screen on the kindle. The screen is bigger than that. It can handle more. But I will take it right now.
Now, how do I continue typing with a Jadzia on my arm while I'm trying to type on a keyboard I'm not fully adjusted to yet? Lol love ya Queenie *smooch* just a gentle one tho she hates hoomin kisses. Especially mama ones. Go figure. So also in my cleaning earlier I found the newer and therefore sharper kitty claw trimmer. Somehow after a few minutes I got Curzon up with me and not only did he let me get his front claws, he let me get his back ones too... with only one little hissy fit! I am so surprised.... perhaps he's trying to counterbalance how outright hellish he was all night last night! Yes he's still in lots of trouble. He's lucky I didn't have to go to work today because otherwise I would've likely sprayed him down so much with the waterbottle he would've gotten a bath instead of just a squirting. But dude, keeping me up all night is NOT wise! After 11 years you should know I'm a mean grouchy witch when sleep deprived! Yes I admit it... I get mean when I'm kept awake or continually woken up - both of which Curzon was doing last night.
I think I'm going to give up trying to type and just send this so that I can snuggle wif this purring little angel kitty. Why can't her brother be so good? And don't you worry NKC, she's still quite naughty. She just saves it for when it benefits her. She's good when she needs to be, a royal b**** when she needs to be. Ask Curzon lmao.

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