Monday, April 22, 2013

Mama and Mancat Monday

Look what daddy got mommy this weekend! Yup, he did it again! Don't we have a pawsome daddy? Mama isn't even all that into flowers (luckily for daddy), so it always makes her feel super special when he comes home with some for her (which she is to the rest of us). There's two sure ways to get to mama... random acts of pure sweetness and food! So Saturday was flowers and Sunday was lunch! Yep, daddy is batting perfect!
Now mama on the other hand...
She was supposed to be home all day taking it easy... yea... she left us for hours today! She left after breakfast and didn't return until after lunch! And she didn't bring US anything either! And even worse, once she got home she started working! Mama the kitchen didn't look so bad that you hadta tear it apart!


PS: its not necessarily that it looked bad I needed counter space and that seemingly mundane task ended up opening a whole can of worms... er led to a bunch of other things that had to be done. Besides, I didn't even go back to sleep after daddy left, its not my fault you were aloof half the morning! - tsb


Sparkle said...

Those are nice flowers... but where is the bouquet of chicken legs for the kitties?

Lynx217 said...

we rarely eat people food because we saw how sick it made Nimbus. mama did give me a few leftover pieces of shredded cheddar cheese though.

Sonya Dunbar said...

dropped in to see how everyone is, only to find that one little boy gone
:( how are the humans anyway?
alive hereon the other side of the world

Lynx217 said...

omc sonya! long time no chat! yes we lost the baby two years ago. the twins are still fat and sassy though, oblivious to their age. rm is gone too... going on a year now. that was just as hard. never expected he'd die.