Monday, April 15, 2013

Funny moment Monday

I thought I would share why I laugh so hard sometimes too when I think back to the andover tornado all those years ago.
My grandma had a first floor apartment right across the street from me and mom's third floor apartment, so every time the sirens started wailing, the two of us and my hamster would make the dart across the street to her apartment. It got so bad one year that the hamster stayed there for a few weeks if I remember right! So anyway, we had gotten over there and, of course, my weather brain wanted to see what was coming. So my Mom said I could peek out the building door but not to go outside. So I peeked out and there the tornado was, a good mile or so southwest of us! We were in no real danger, but I ran back into that apartment scared out of my mind and nearly speechless! Of course Mom thought that was absolutely hilarious... moms!
Later on that evening another storm passed through. Although not tornadic, it was still quite strong. My Grandma and I were standing at her sliding door watching everything when all of a sudden... BOOM! You know, one of those big, loud, deep, rumbling, long cracks of thunder that, unless you've lived in the midwest, most people probably haven't experienced. Mom said that Grandma and I both jumped so high our heads just about hit the ceiling. Of course neither of us didn't think it was funny at the time, but we did laugh later.
Grandma would be gone within two years of that day but I'm still glad we had those moments together, scary as they sometimes were. She was the sweetest little lady I ever knew (until ya made her mad but she was a full blooded Norwegian, so it was expected lol). Its those most memorable memories that keep her alive within me even though its been so very long ago.



ladycristant said...

My mommy's mom was all Norwegian too. Are we related?

Lynx217 said...

ya never know!