Sunday, April 14, 2013

Somber Anniversaries coming up

Most of you know that our mama is a wheat field kid. In her life she's seen two tornados, one too close for anyone's comfort. But the first one was April 26, 1991. The big close one was the infamous May 3, 1999 tornado that came within a block or two of killing her. Every year at this time she counts her blessings that she and everyone she cares about has escaped the worst of nature's wrath. And then she says another prayer for those still in tornado alley that no one dies this year and those she love have another year without having to rebuild.
The other anniversary is a triplet anniversary. Mama remembers like yesterday even though its been 18 years... it was her first kinda 9/11 moment. April 26, 1995. Oklahoma City. For so many it was just a bombing. For mama it was the end of midwestern innocence. Terrorism wasn't just in foreign countries or in big super important cities on the coasts anymore. Now it slapped her in the face, along with the searing images of the still smoldering rubble and the blanket draped tiny bodies of innocent babies. How bombing a building with children in it avenges perceived or actual wrongs committed by the government at Waco or Ruby Ridge defies any logical explanation. Mama remembers watching the Waco disaster unfold day by day two decades ago. Think what you want about the whole situation, the point is, wrong does not give license to wrong someone else.
Now if you will excuse me I have to test my theory that mama can type on the kindle on her new keyboard with me blocking her view of the kindle... dangit I've been snatched! Help!
But while we're at it...
Oh Cat ruler of the universe Bastet please watch over all us cats and our hoomins and protect us from the vicious winds and clouds the hoomins call tornados and all the other vicious weather Mother Earth throws at us during this most tulmultous season called Spring. Thank You.


Brian106sc said...

Hug to your Mom from all of us. You take good care of her!!!

The Florida Furkids said...

We're sending loud, rumbly purrs. Our Daddy grew up in Kansas City, Mo and remembers spending lots of nights in the basement because of tornadoes.

Stay safe! We know Angels Nimbus and Sniffie are watching over you.

The Florida Furkids

Sparkle said...

Purrs to your human. We are on the West Coast, but my human remembers the Oklahoma City bombing and how awful it was. You are right - this type of vengeful action only makes things worse.

ladycristant said...

Mommy grew up north of Kansas City, Mo, and she spent lots of time in something called a fruit cellar in tornado weather. She also left her house by boat during a flood. Purrs that you and yours remain safe another year.

Lynx217 said...

mama is glad she left tornado alley but she still misses it. but this is the one time of year she DOESNT!