Thursday, May 9, 2013


We felt that we needed to return... for mama's sake as well as in Auntie El's memory. Surely she wouldn't want us to be so sad, so we are returning. Later we will post new pictures - as soon as mama can figure out how to get them off of her phone or just post it from her phone. We have been hanging with her pretty consistently the last two days, and I have been following her like a shark following what will soon be lunch *giggle* can you tell I'm hungry for some stinky goodness by now? Cmon mama its been forever! I'm trying... mol


Footnote from Prince Nimbus:
We all know that El's fambly and friends miss her so very much. She hasn't been to the reflecting pond yet because she still cries a wee bit. You see, she didn't want to go either. But we are all going tonight. Now she HAS been to the private one that I have here at the mansion, and she has been quite fixated on Trooper. Sniffie and Tamir have been getting lots of extra love and I can tell you they love it. She's also met all my fursibs that came before and she has taken a particular liking to Astro, why I'm not so sure. He's the toughest one here, well except for Obnoxio, but rule number one is to never argue wif the resident Queen mol. We are all working on El's very own boutique right at the edge of the expanse here, where us felines can get hoomin attention and hoomins can mingle wif us anipals. El had the idea and we thought it was purrfect, and before you knew it, all sorts of hoomins were lining up to see us! We would get an occasional visitor, but it was either someone that worked with animals their whole lives and just couldn't be separated or someone visiting their fur fambly. She has even expressed a desire to work with the anipals that were feral in life who have still not come to join the rest of us. Some kittehs find it hard to leave their wild ways behind and Elinor has such patience. So please, dear mother-in-law don't be too sad, we all are watching over you and you know my mama is never far away. And Sniffie and Tamir still come and visit, especially when the kittehs are home alone. Cubby and Clifford, we must say, still haven't quite figured the whole ghost kitteh thing mol. And beware, Angel Tamir and Raz have had lots of time together, we fink to conspire against the girls! So beware Allie and Ellie! All the love from all of us, even those who you don't know.

Sniffie, Tamir, Nimbus, Snowflake, Obnoxio, Angel, Astro, and mama's hamster colony!

*cuddlepile* on Auntie El is why she couldn't say hi, we has her buried mol

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