Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Still shocked

We had pictures ready for you but we will not be posting them, not today at least.
I've had a rough 24 hours and so I need a wee time. First was Auntie El's passing, though I think we all knew it was coming, though I truly believed if anyone could beat the odds it was her. Thank cod Trooper has a home after all this. Sharon, darling, if you need anything, email me anytime, leave me a comment on the blog (remember they're moderated so I can determine what doesn't get published), anything. I am here for you.
Then I found out today that two of my good friends are seriously ill. One was just taken to the hospital apparently this weekend and they found a mass in one of her breasts, so of course I'm hopeful that by some miracle that either its non cancerous or that they can easily get it out. And then another friend that I don't often see but she's very dear to my heart has been near death and THAT is why I haven't seen her lately. Its nothing to not see her for a month or two and then when I do I give her a good scolding for making me worry... well this time I was right to. She has an underactive thyroid that she had no clue that she had and it sent her into a coma that she's just now starting to come out of. I'm really concerned though it looks as though there is good hope for a full recovery. But until I see her up and around I'm not breathing a sigh of relief.
So please say a prayer or whatever you do for these wonderfully sweet people. We know life doesn't end on this planet but is merely transitioning. But that doesn't make it any easier for those left behind, and when there's so many people that care... a lot of hearts break. I've seen enough broken hearts already the last year, between a dear friend and the loss of our roommate who was loved by so many people.
Life is short. Grab onto those you love and hold on tight for just an extra second and count your blessings. Even if the deck is stacked against you, you're alive and well. That in itself is a great blessing. Squeeze out the lemons and make some lemonade and if you can add some tea and have a lemonade iced tea for me! I mightve gotten a clean bill of heart health but that doesn't mean I can beat it up with caffeine!


Brian106sc said...

Big hugs from all of us. That is so very sad about your dear friends.

Sparkle said...

Purrs to you. In the past couple of years my human has lost two of her most highly treasured friends, so she knows how you feel.

Sweet Purrfections said...

Purrs from both of us. We're sorry to hear about your friends. One of our mom's friends just found out she has breast cancer and Mom Paula is going down to be with her after surgery.