Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Holy Crimeny Crickets!

Its hard to believe its been almost a year since our other hoomin went to the hoomin RB. Billy wasn't a cat guy but we spent every day converting him. We don't think we ever fully did but he came to appreciate us more than just the stray barn cats he had known all his life. We still miss him, as do our hoomins... the guys had been friends longer than our hoomins have been together! And they've been together for forever! We know he is surrounded by his family and his beloved dogs, probably on a RB farm. We hope that everyone that knew him can appreciate him for more than just the wee little bit they saw. He wasn't just an ex Marine that busted his behind off during the week and relaxed just as hard on the weekends. He was a dad, friend, and brother that is sorely missed by all that truly knew him.


Brian106sc said...

That was a sad day indeed, but he lives on in your fond and loving memories.

The Florida Furkids said...

We know know you all miss Billy. We're amazed that it's a year already.


The Florida Furkids and Mom Sharon

Lynx217 said...

just over a month away. i know i still remember it like it was yesterday having to try to calm my nerves down enough to call mr cat and tell him. i never want to see another police officer at my door again for sure. and just a week after Nim's bday sheesh.