Monday, July 15, 2013

Life after Reader

We are slowly adjusting to Feedly. We don't like that sometimes we don't get to see Brian's blog for hours after he posts it, but it usually shows up. We have it on minimal basically titles only... which helps keep things under control.
TSB hasn't melted yet but its been so humid we all are about to shrivel up! Mama has decided its time to get her furs cut again... she says her "hair" is getting too long... but its not even long enough for me to play wif! Fooey!
Well she has the next couple days off, so we are going to hover near her so she can't leave. Sisfur tried so hard to keep her home today, and I think it almost worked! One day at a time though.
One more thing... WE MISS YOU NIMBUS! Especially mama. 


Brian106sc said...

I miss my pal Nimbus too. We are getting used to Feedly and have noticed that some things do seem to take a while to show up! Later gang!

Quinn from Catitude said...

We are using bloglovin. So far it's not bad. We also backed up the reading list on the right side of our front page as a "blog list". A longer real blog list is on it's own page. Mommy is cautious.
Mommy gets to go out in the humid tomorrow.

Sparkle said...

I used to get that problem on Reader - friend's posts would show up hours after the fact. I don't get it as much on Feedly. There are some things about it I find annoying. I suppose I'll get used to it.