Wednesday, September 11, 2013


This is for those of you who aren't on facebook. I just posted this there, but wanted everyone to have the chance to read it. Please excuse any typo's or anything. I didn't plot this out, I just let the fingers type. - TSB

12 years ago today...
I was still living in Maryland
I was in DC the week before doing a smithsonian tour
The PLAN was to get up early and make the trip down there for another round
But I forgot to set the alarm clock
And we severely overslept
We woke up to the radio saying
The Pentagon was on fire
We both jolted awake
I raced into the living room
Turned on the tv
And inside I died
They showed the planes hitting the towers
I think the second one I saw live
I honestly cant remember
Most of that day I spent in shock
I spent the morning in the vet hospital
With a FIV+ cat fighting for his life
Listening to the horror on the radio
I sat in front of the tv for days in shock
Unable to fully comprehend who or why
My mind raced back to Oklahoma City
As I thought we were beyond that
I have never felt so helpless
My midwestern instinct felt the need
To run and help, but I was too far away
Traffic was impossible and no one was going anywhere
I will never forget the eerie silence
Or the images from that day
Some people have moved on
Some can watch documentaries about it
As for me I cannot
For every image I see brings me to the brink
Of tears and anger
But of all things I know
As assuredly as there's a place for the truly evil
That place took in 19 more that day
And while I don't condone death
We put a boot up Osama's ***
And we showed the world
We may not always agree (and usually we don't)
But we are AMERICANS
And an attack on one of us
Is an attack on ALL
And just as we showed the Japanese
You will wake up a sleeping giant
We will throw out partisan differences
And we will not rest until justice has been served.

God bless all the victims' families
And all of those who rushed INTO the towers

So that others would survive.

On a footnote, I cannot leave a post so sadly. For as tragic and horrific that day was and always will be, so long as we never lose that Dream, we will NEVER be out for the count.

And thank you to everyone overseas who, on that day, didn't give one bit of **** about things that they DIDN'T like about us and instead understood what had happened, put it aside, and supported us through our darkest hour. It's in times of darkness when you find out who your friends are.


Angel Abby said...

Yes!! YES!! YES!!!

Sweet Purrfections said...

Nice post. I remember that day as if it were yesterday. It's a day that changed America forever.

Brian106sc said...

That was a lovely post. We will never ever forget.

Quinn from Catitude said...

Bravo and Amen!