Friday, September 20, 2013


Hello from the RB. As some of you know, mama was briefly sick last week. I say briefly because she was almost over it by the time I even got to see she was sick! Uncle Curzon has done well in taking over nursing duties. He had her all fixed up in a jif! Well, him and daddy. Daddy got all the credit tho from mama. Poor Curzon had to get all the cuddles and kisses... but that is what the nurse does! It's starting to feel cramped in this mansion a bit... between the permanent residents and the constant flow of new arrivals, I was feeling like it was time to build a NEW mansion. But that was promptly struck down before I even got to spit it out. I didn't even get to ask my wifey. My fursibs said no! I even offered to let them have this mansion since they were here first, and they still refused! It seems, as much as they taunt and chase me, they love me (and trust me the one the hoomins call Obnoxio can be, well, obnoxious). Don't get me wrong, they're all sweet, but some are more than others! So since the whole new mansion idea got struck down, I sat Inigo and Sniffie down to discuss the situation. We really don't want to build into the backyard because that's such a serene spot that really doesn't need to be disturbed! So we decided that, since the fursibs have pretty much dominated the basement, they could keep that part, and we have plenty of rooms on the main level for all of us. So we're going to convert the upper level into our new arrival level. That way, if they want to be alone, they can, and when they're ready to socialize they can. Sniffie's fursibs' room is next to ours now, that way she's never too far from them. Snowflake has a room nearby too (so that he doesn't hafta always be with daddy's cats since he was mama's cat) and he's in charge of all the angel hamsters! Inigo has a room on the other side - don't worry he hasn't been cast off - he actually CHOSE that room before I even got here. It's the room closest to the pool, the main reflecting pond, and Auntie El's room! Nevermind the kitchen... if he wasn't such a good cat, I'd blame him for the constant disappearance of stinky goodness! Speaking of El, she cooked a big banquet last night for all of us with help from mama's Mom! Grandma brought a new cat over too! Apparently when she was young, she had a cat! But this cat hadn't mastered the art of hunting skunks without getting sprayed (or learned to leave them alone MOL). So this new furiend is in charge of the salon for kitties that get stinkied up or come smelling bad! So many furiends came to the dinner, to the point it almost felt like a mini welcoming banquet! And then Homer walked in, looking absolutely stunning! Sniffie introduced him to the few anipals he hadn't met since he got here and got his vision, and he graced us with a demonstration in curtain climbing! It was a marvelous time, and was good to see furiends that we hadn't seen in ages. Sniffie left to head over to Praline's mansion for a girls' day (and night) out and Inigo and I took a walk through the woods. You see there were things we needed to discuss. See, my mamacat Jadzia is slipping up a little on the naughty part. Oh she's still got it, don't get me wrong. But we've been sprinkling calming pixie dust on her and it seems to be working! And then came the discussion of our fursibs we left behind. As most of you know, Inigo and his brofur Rumbles were one of the first visitors when me and the twins started blogging (well, stole mama's blog) years ago (along with Sniffie and her fursibs and Brian). So our families are just as tight as my family and Sniffie's family are. So we agreed, and I whispered in mama's ear, and he whispered in his mama's ear... But mama didn't listen so well, so I whispered in Uncle Curzon's ear... We hearby announce that Jadzia and Curzon have adopted Rumbles and Hamlet! And in doing so, the mama's are now, what, adopted too? We dun know how that's gonna work technically but we know dat my mama loves their mama, so it's all good! We stopped by Brian's brofur Ivan's mansion to check on him. See he's got a LOT of fambly to keep an eye on and lotsa inlaws, so he's always busy! We cooked him dinner and took over his snoopervising duties for a while so he could get some real good sleep in. I've been wanting to check in on Brian and all his sisfurs for a long time but have just been so busy it's been unbelievable! Inigo went to check on Gracie's mancat for a little while and then tucked Ivan in and cuddled up next to him. While they were sleeping I quietly went about surprising Ivan with a little cleaning and tidying up the outside of the mansion, and when he woke up he was so surprised and happy he almost cried! But like I told him... fambly takes care of fambly. So I am off for now... it's been busy and I need to spend some quality time with Astro. He's been trying to teach me how he catches full-grown rabbits but I have yet to succeed. Figures... MOL To the hoomins, especially my mom-in-law know that your loved ones are ok. We know you get weepy sometimes, we understand. We miss you terribly too! But we are never far away and if you listen closely, you just might hear us! Crown Prince Joey Nimbus PS: Mama, don't cry. Brofur is right here with me. As is that wiry mutt! MOL In all seriousness though, I know you're sad right now, being the anniversary, but smile, because he's still up to his same-old antics - if anything he's only gotten MORE pesky! He's lucky I love him so much. - Princess Sniffie


Brian106sc said...

The love and care is everywhere and I am always thrilled to her news from Brother Ivan,

The Florida Furkids said...

So much love at the Bridge. We miss you so much but we're happy to know that you're all doing so well together. We love you!
Mom, Dad, Ellie, Allie, Raz and Cubby