Monday, January 13, 2014

Mancat Monday with Angel Nimbus

Hai! I haven't posted for a very long time because it always makes mama sad when I whisper in her ear for a post. I know she misses me lots, but she also knows I'm never far. Uncle Curzon and I still play chase a LOT, probably as much if not more than before I was an Angel Kitty!
One of the benefits of being OTRB is that we can be any size or age we want to be! So today I decided I wanted to go back to being a little young mancat! I even once decided to go back to being a wee baby! That was fun! I got into a lot of little spots that I can't get into otherwise! I snuck up on the hamsters in the Angel Hamster wing (yes, even pet hamsters have a furever home OTRB) but don't worry! I was still a good kitteh! I watched them and made sure all were good! Sniffie's Auntie El helped me feed them and I took their old bedding down to the fireplace (we have a machine that packs it tight then we use it in the fireplace - and no it doesn't stink, nothing here does).
Everyone here is doing so good. I gave Sniffie her fursibs some of my pixie dust and they went crazy with it! They went and made visits to their fambly (of course!) and then went on a whirlwind trip! So if you felt a sudden warm comforting breeze this weekend, it was probably them! Angel Snowflake and I went and visited the largest mansion here OTRB. It's where all the kittehs that cruel "shelters" killed go. They have special Angel hoomins there that comfort them and help them adapt to being OTRB. Then we went over to our BFF Brian's brofur Ivan's mansion. You see, we had a special treat for him! He has always wanted a hammick of his own, but was kinda leary of trying to get into one! He likes the hoomin-style so we snuck over and hung one in his back yard and made sure it wouldn't swing on him when he got in! He hasn't left it yet we don't think!
After we all got back to our mansion, Sniffie and I went and visited a few of our blogger furiends that have come OTRB since we got here. Inigo wanted to go but a particular ladycat was being particularly pesky (poor Inigo, such a charmer, yet no clue how to turn it off... someday he will learn)! We visited so many I couldn't possibly name them all! Some I didn't even know! Sniffie definitely led the way on this trip, but we all know Sniffie was - and is - every anipal's furiend!
So anyways, I really must go. Inigo wants to go visit his fambly, but he won't be able to until I rescue him from my fursibs. So, I'm taking the fambly out on a hunting trip (yep, mancats and ladycats) in the mouse field. Angel Astro and Angel Obnoxio have been squabbling over which one is a better hunter, and now Obnoxio's sisfur Angel is butting her paw into it! I'll let you know who wins - so long as it doesn't end up in one big fur pile! How do you referee a wrasslin' match between former street kittehs?

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Brian106sc said...

Oh my goodness, I know Brother Ivan must be thrilled with that gift.