Friday, January 10, 2014

Wandering Friday

I so miss the guy. He was something special. He had the cutest pinkish-purplish-grey toes you'd ever seen. He was the smartest cat ever (no offense to either of the twins). And the fur - oh my, what a coat he had. No wonder he was always warm. It was so thick and soft you just wanted to scoop him up and get lost in it! He always knew when I was in pain and just where and wrapped himself AROUND it. He knew when I was having bad dreams and purred and pawed me out of them. And most of all he showed true humility and dignity, especially in the last couple years of his life. I will never forget when he got so sick the first time we nearly lost him and he just wrapped around daddy's arm begging him to do SOMETHING. Well, as many of you know, he spent 4 days in the hospital fighting for his wee life and getting himself pampered in the process. But that was always the case. He always charmed the ladies. One tech didn't even wanna let him come home because she'd fallen so much for him when he'd gotten "fixed" - yep, that's my boy! But here we are, back where it all started almost, just me and the twins, with daddy added in. Yep, the cats came first. Daddy adopted all of us, not that I gave him a choice. But daddy obviously is a cat guy, and the twins loved him the first time they met him. They just had their own issues to work out. Nim, on the other hand, yeah... that guy was just one big bundle of love, even as a kitten. Jadzia has always been easily spooked, especially after the first year of her life that she had. But especially this last couple years, she's done so much better. She still runs from people - even me - but it's not as often. Curzon has trust issues, and I totally understand why. He has always seen himself as the guard cat of the family and so he really does do his best to protect us. And, in all honesty, he's done dang good. He's growled so loud and deep that he was mistaken for a dog (the person couldn't see him so had no clue WHAT growled LOL). Curzon is my sixth sense. If I'm ever unsure, Curzon is right with me (not always voluntarily). I know if it's not good, he knows where to go, but if he has to - well, let's just say it won't be pretty. I've seen the way he deals with his sister, I'd hate to have him angry with me LOL. But Nim was our comforter, the ying to balance the yang (or however that goes). The twins have readjusted well and have filled in as best they can. Heck, they even slept together at my feet last night (not that that's a safe place to sleep, because it so is NOT). So while I could be all gloomy for what we DON'T have, I'm instead thankful for what we did have. We had many beautiful years with the brightest star a cat could ever be. I know every day that I was so fortunate to have felt the pure genuine love and trust of another being so deeply. I'm so thankful that I had someone to help me through all the ups and downs and lift me up when I questioned myself - and still reminds me that I did. And I'm thankful to all of you, who, through the years, have been there through the good times and the bad (and the times I just want to yell at Curzon to SHUT THE BLEEP UP lol). Some of you felt bad because you couldn't help in one particular way or another but introduced me to someone who could (you know who you are). It's just hard to believe how long it's been. There has been a lot going on but you guys have been such a great bunch of pals.


The best family portrait I think has ever been taken. They weren't forced to lay down at all!


The Florida Furkids said...

OMC that's a wonderful family portrait!!!!!! We're sure you really cherish that one.

Angel Tamir used to know when Mom didn't feel well and always knew where to sit and purr so she would feel better.

The Florida Furkids

Brian106sc said...

I sure miss my pal.

Lynx217 said...

oh dear brian i am right here! don't be sad!

Sparkle said...

I love the family portrait... purrs to you today.