Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A few things

First of all, we wanna wish Marg a happy birthday. We aren't blogging much and visiting even less but it doesn't mean we don't care!
Secondly we apologize for our silence. Things haven't been going how mama even hoped they would be. She seems to be leaving a lot even on mornings she doesn't leave to go hunting. Don't worry she is fine, just extremely busy!
We also send purrs for our BFF Brian's fambly. The sickies have returned but we are hoping they leave just as quickly.

And this from Nim:
I just wanna say hi to everyone and thank them for hanging with us. Sniffie and I have been furry busy with new arrivals, to the point I needed a vacation! My fursib Snowflake took over fambly watching. Tamir made sure my wifey wasn't completely alone. Brian's brofur Ivan showed me a real quiet spot, so I was really able to relax. And the girls had a big pawty at Fin's (I think it was there, no mancats were allowed lol).
I hope everyone is doing well... but now I must snuggle as best I can with mama. She misses me more some days than others and this is one of those days.

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Brian106sc said...

Hey Nim, tell Brother Ivan we thing of him every single day. Oh, I think the sickies are preparing to move out.