Monday, April 14, 2014

Mancat Monday

Surprise! New pic!
Mama hauled my rear out this weekend because winter finally left us. I actually went out twice. I spent a while out on the porch yesterday watching mama and daddy "cleaning" and so I was smelling lots of things! I am a good mancat though, I don't venture off the porch - that would scare mama too much. And if I DO, I make sure she sees me going and where I'm going, which is always under a bush down to the basement. I like to go down there once in a while to go mousie hunting, but I never find any.
Sis doesn't go out very often, partly because she's not so good about staying in one spot, and partly because she doesn't like strangers and gets hissy. But that's only when she's outside. When we are inside, she just goes to sleep somewhere quiet.
Mama also has been sitting outside lately. She said she has to thaw the bones out... I didn't know hoomin bones froze, but I'm just a mancat!
Hope y'all have a happy Monday!


Sparkle said...

Lucky you! We're never allowed outside because we are supposedly "skittish" and don't follow orders. Hmph.

Brian106sc said...

You are sure looking mighty fine!

Lynx217 said...

Which is exactly why Jaz isnt without harness and leash unless im just holding her as i stick my head out the door. But with her claws and squirminess thats dangerous. So i dont lol. - tsb