Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Good morning everyone.
As you all know, we had 2 weeks of posts, and now we've gone quiet again. Don't worry, nothing's wrong. We've just been super swamped here. Mama has been hunting way too much so when she comes home we pounce on her and make her stay still. That, and mama has run out of ideas. We're going to try to get a few posts up but we want you all to know we're still here, especially on facebook. We might not be the most prolific right now, but we're trying.
And my dear Rumbles... if you EVER scare your mama and daddy like that again I am going to pawthwock you so hard when you get better you'll never do it again! So just don't ever get that sick again! Or even worse, I'll smooch your brofur right in front of you! *giggle*

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Brian106sc said...

hold that Mama down and take a nap...then make her roll in some catnip!