Saturday, May 17, 2014


 Wazzup everyone? Angel Tamir here!
As you can see, Nimbus said because he married sisfur that makes us fambly, so it only right that I be a Prince too! I keep the purrsonal nip field nice and tidy, and Nimbus' fursibs help me keep it rodent free!

I'm Clifford! I'm "Securi-Woofie" but as you know, there's no need for security, so I'm more of a butler I guess! I love it too! I get to check every anipal that comes by out! And when we have new woofies that just came to the Bridge, I make sure I give them a special welcoming happy bark!
And of course you all know ME! I'm the Princess of this mansion, and I rule it with fluff! In all honesty, Obnoxio is the real ruler of da mansion but, after a while, we kinda like to "rule" together - which entails keeping all the mancats in line and on the run when we feel it necessary! *giggles*
Hi! I'm Ivan! I'm not one of the residents, but as often as I see Nimbus, one would almost think that we were brothers! But you see, we kinda are, in an adopted kind of way. You see, Nimbus' mama just adores my fambly! Shhh don't tell anyone but my fursibs just love his fursibs too! You figure out who I am yet? I'm Brian's brofur! Nimbus comes down to my mansion lots with some of his fursibs or sometimes by himself. Our famblies go way back many years. My fambly was one of his fambly's first visitors on their blog! I'm the resident mini-lion! Any Coon that comes through here without fully realizing their Coon-ness comes to see me! I show them how a Coon acts and hunts. Coons are known for being gentle giants, and I must say, Nimbus has being a Coon down very well. I was furry content to just lay up here at the reflecting pond and keep an eye on my fambly but Nimbus wouldn't hear of that. So, my Coon University exists because Nimbus insisted I continue doing the work I started before I came here: showing every cat that love transcends all and there is no reason to be a scaredy cat! My protege Brian does it so furry well, one of my top pupils for sure!
Inigo has done remarkable things to the mansion since ya'll seen it, but he's asked that we keep it under wraps, at least for now. He says he's not done and an artist never ever shows his work off before he's done with it! But knowing him, he will NEVER be done! But we asked him to take a break from working on the main mansion because we just don't feel right that Inigo, the Prince of Renovation, doesn't have a wing for his own fambly! We hope it doesn't have any residents for decades, but it will also serve well as visiting quarters for when Nim sprinkles pixie dust on Rumbles and Hammy so they can come visit! Sniffie says she wants to meet this "ham" so much but Tamir says he is too young for her! Silly Tamir! Only Rumbles has a harem! *giggle*
We all want to thank everyone that was there for mama during her darkest days. You guys really kept her going, more than you all know. Nimbus was such a sad kitty when he got here because he could feel his hoomins' hearts breaking. But, I know all too well what that's like, as the last thing I felt was my head in mama's hand when I left for here! Sometimes for old time's sake I still flop down on mama's chest, but I forget sometimes to lighten myself up because I am a LOT of weight on a little hoomin's chest! So from all of us, to all of you, thank you!

Angels Snowflake, Sniffie, Tamir, Clifford, Inigo, Obnoxio, Angel, Astro and the rest of the gang!

PS: Would someone please tell Fin's humom that Finny now has the OTRB record for biggest mousie ever caught and deaded? We have no idea how, but let's just say we're all amazed! Thanks!

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Brian106sc said...

I sure was nice seeing everyone and I loved seeing you Brother Ivan. I miss you more than you'll ever know.