Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hey folks

Just dropping in to say hi. We haven't been around much lately as mama seems to be preoccupied with either hunting or sleeping. We'd be cool with the whole sleeping thing if it meant she at least woke up long enough to post a blog or two. But when that hoomin passes out and she doesn't have to get up at 0-dark-30, she is OUT. Daddy is fun to snuggle with, don't get us wrong. But mama is our main pawpawrazzi, our typist, and our main brusher!
The weather has warmed up nicely here. We couldn't be more thankful. People are already whining about the 80s and mama has told many of them to hush (in a lot nicer way of course). Mama is absolutely estatic and we are too. We may be theoretically built for the cold, we do NOT like it, unless it's a floor-vent AC and in that case, brofur will promptly block the entire vent. Don't put it past me to do it either! It requires a lot of heat to maintain this bootiful pear figure!

I'm just gonna lay here or on mama's lap and give her the stinky eye. It feels like the right thing to do.

Queen Jadzia


Sparkle said...

It sounds like your human needs some serious kitty management!

Brian106sc said...

I know you can giventhe stink eye with the best of them!