Thursday, June 5, 2014


Not-even-year-old Curzon with a very preggo (but we still didn't know) Jadzia. That cloth around her neck was one of several wash cloths I used to keep her from scratching the wound that she'd received from the male who got her preggo. I couldn't afford vet care at the time so I was doing the best I could myself, and with as limber as she was/is, I highly doubt the vet could've or would've done anything different. It was a big wound, and it took time to heal. But it went from golf-ball sized wound to pea-sized scar, so I think she healed well! Gosh, they were so little then compared to now! There's been a lot of changes since this picture was taken, heck, 2 moves, a new cat daddy that just adores them (and me too :) and I couldn't be more thankful), a boy that's come and gone, and a LOT of growing. You can just see in the pictures how much growing Cur had to do just to grow into those ears! They're still big ears but at least they're semi-proportional to the rest of his body! *giggle* I am so thankful every day that I rescued these two precious babies off the streets, though I wish I could've saved their mama. But unfortunately that was not in the cards, but two very special babies got another chance, and are getting the chance to get old together - a chance they would've NEVER had on the streets.


Brian106sc said...

We are all so glad you two got that chance for a happy!

Sparkle said...

How cute they were as youngsters! I never did grow into MY ears.

Quinn from Catitude said...

Sweet, sweet happy ending!