Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy Gotcha Day, Curzon!

This is one of the first pictures taken of my brofur after daddy brought mama and us into his life! Wasn't he such a stud? Such a sweet mancat he was... an annoying stinky PITA he is now! (As I channel my inner Star Wars voice... MOL)


Truth hurts bro!


Geesh, you two. You two fight almost as much now as you did 13 years ago when I rescued you guys!
For those of you who DON'T know their story, Curzon was brought to me a malnourished, fur and bones, oily, flea-covered ball of kitten fluff by a friend of a friend (details I won't go into here). Several baths later, I dried him off and wondered how in the heck I was going to save this little kitten. I didn't have the money for a vet, and as bad of shape as he was in, I didn't think they'd be very optimistic anyway. So I was resigned to doing what I could myself. That first night I slept with my hand under my head, Curzon tucked into the corner of my elbow in my face. The bond was instant. And the drive that he had to survive and thrive was immeasurable. He was a cat with a purpose, on a mission. In saving him, he saved me from the darkness and gloom that was 2001 for me. We spent 2 nights to ourselves before his sister was found and brought to me. Her story comes on her Gotcha Day though. So come back Monday! - TSB


Summer said...

Happy gotcha day, Curzon!

Brian106sc said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Gotcha Day Curzon!!!