Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Gotcha Day, Jadzia!

 This is one of the first pictures taken of Jadzia, just a few months after she was rescued. She already had her trademark grey mane going, though she hadn't yet mastered the art of changing mane colors (thank goodness, that would've probably spooked me LOL). She was always the much-more shy one of the two, but she was also the one you REALLY didn't want to mess with. As you remember from Saturday's post for Curzon's GD, Jadzia was brought to me after 2 days of just me and the boy. She was found trapped in a car that their mama was probably using as a nest as it was untouched in a tow truck company's yard for probably months. Unable to get the cat out himself, the guy put the car on a tow truck and brought it down where he could get help to get the cat out. So car with the kitten trapped inside traveled across town where it took another set of hands to get her out. When they had gotten her out, I grabbed Curzon and the twins were reunited for a brief second outside. They instantly tried to reach out for each other - not hissy - but almost as if they wanted to hug each other. I put Curzon down inside and took Jadzia to get her as clean as I could. She was in slightly better condition than Curzon, but not by much. It was evident to me then that he was making sure she ate first, because that's not normally how it works in cat society but she was healthier. I saw the bond instantly. He sat on the bed overlooking the food bowl and watched her eat and eat, and then they snuggled up together and napped a good nap. *sniff* I'm getting a little weepy remembering LOL. Curzon didn't snuggle with me for a LONG time after that, but I wasn't offended. He'd had a traumatic time being separated from his sister, and I'm sure they were both missing their mama.
Fast forward a little while and I'm downstairs doing laundry and I hear the iconic THoE noises... but this was LOUD. So I go back upstairs and into our room and there they are just having an epic wrasslin' match! Next thing I know these two ragamuffins stand up on hind paws like kangaroos and body slam each other! They both go flying backwards but Jadzia spins around to land on her paws and jumps onto Curzon's belly (he'd landed back first) before he has a chance to get up! Paws on shoulders, she refused to let him up! I wasn't so sure what was going on but I wanted to let them work it out. I can't imagine life without them now, though I know I unfortunately am staring down that tunnel. But not now.

This picture was taken when Jadzia was about a year and a half or so old, shortly after she had been spayed. Still a dainty little lass, she was much more calm and loving than before. But motherhood changes a lady. She never once turned on her boy, though when Nimbus tried to nurse after she was spayed, he got the surprise of his life when she dropped him off of her like a bad habit! He was stunned and confused, but he got over it quick. She never stopped being his mama though, whether he liked it or not!

Happy Gotcha Day my beautiful Queenie. And thank you to the both of you for 13 years of laughter, love, and memories that'll never fade.



Summer said...

Happy gotcha day, Jadzia!

Brian Frum said...

Happy Gotcha Day Jadzia, ya sure done good!