Monday, July 25, 2016

A brief update

So the cats are doing well, TOO well perhaps. Curzon has been waking us up a LOT lately. I think maybe some of it is bc I cut back his thyroid medicine from 1/2pill 2x a day to just once a day. He seemed to be severely mopey and just out of it on full dose so I cut him back. He's gained the weight he lost back and maybe some lol. Jadzia is still the stunning ladycat she always is... I do think she's enjoying her brother getting "tortured" lol... I'm not sure but I think Curzon is STARTING to finally realize the medicine is why he's feeling better as he's not being so much of a hidey cat but like I said he was just so out of it on the full dosing it's hard to say.
I'm so grateful for all the warmth that you guys have provided... It was a nervous wait to get the results back, even if it didn't take long lol. These 2 have been with me most of my adult life and I cant imagine life without them. I would love to take one or both out on a drive but it's just much too hot! It's currently in the mid 90s with the heat index a good 10 degrees hotter. I wouldn't be surprised if we got a lot closer to 100 than they're forecasting. I'm not hating the heat, I'm hating the OMFGG-HUMIDITY lol. I was all up for taking curzon out this am, but it was storming at 330am. Now it just feels even MUGGIER.
Hugs to all and hope everyone hasn't sweltered into a puddle of nothingness yet.

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