Friday, August 5, 2016


It is with a severely heavy heart that we announce that one of our favorite coonies has crossed OTRB.
Many of you know Dante, and we know you probably already know. But for those who don't, he was one of the first Coons we followed and admired.
We can't even express how much this hurts us, and we apologize to Rumblemum for dropping it on her as we did, but our mom was at work when she found out and could barely work and inform anyone.
Our deepest love to Dante's family and fursibs... we know how much it hurts... especially from the coon perspective and heart problems. There is just something special about Coons... it's almost as if the bigger the cat, the bigger the personality, the bigger the love, the bigger the chunk they take when they leave.
Please stop by Dante's blogand give some love.

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