Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Georgia Fire Continues to Spread
One must wonder if this fire will ever be contained. I can't seem to recall in my memory a fire this big in the Southeast. I hope anyone in the area is praying for rain like they've never seen before. A flood would be better than this drought-laden fire season. I wish I could send some of the rain we got here a week or two ago down to them! That fire's been buring for at least two weeks!

Motive for KC Shooting Spree?
Can there ever be a REASON to kill innocent people? We all hear about "motives"; all they really are doing is giving the criminal excuses. We as a nation need to get our heads out of our rear ends and start dealing with the people like this man and like the Virginia Tech shooter better, longer, and with the authority of the law to keep them confined until they're no longer a threat to themselves or others. And even after they're released, they should be monitored.

Pending Justice for Murdered Bronco?
How sad is it that a football player gets caught in gang warfare? The police aren't saying yet that the gang shot him down, but all the links are there, draw your own conclusions. Gangs don't care about who gets hit. They don't care if they misidentify their victims. They don't even care if innocent children get brought down in crossfire usually. I just wonder why it took so long to get indictments on these guys for the guns and drugs charges. It's illegal to be in a gang, isn't it?

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