Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thoughts and Weird News

I noticed no one's dared reply to my last post yet. HAHA. I figured everyone would either agree with me or not want to disagree. No biggie. I just wanted to vent LOL.
I'm trying to find an adapter that will fit my portable speakers that fit into my headphone jack on my pda so I don't have to have the batteries in it. I also discovered at the same time that the batteries we bought for the emergency lantern aren't the right size - go figure! Oh well, we got two of those emergency crank-powered lanterns in case we lose power for an extended period.
Talk about some weird news. Did ya hear about the little boy that got a gun permit? Or the poor home buyer that bought a home on foreclosure, went to inspect it and found a dead body on the couch that'd been there for YEARS? EEEWWWW lol. Glad it wasn't me finding the body!
Projects are coming along nicely. I bought some more canvas so I could make lids for my boxes. I also bought me some knitting needles Monday, and have decided to knit blank yellow ribbons and see if I can sell them for $1. I figure I can stuff one or two in an envelope and throw it in the mail. If I can't, I'll have to hike it up to $2. But I won't go for more than that unless the ribbon is bigger. Right now I'm just making the mini 2" high ones.

This is the bracelet I made for our roommate. It's 16" circumference!!! Yikes!!! Needless to say, with the housework I had to get done too, it took me a couple weeks to do it!
These pics are of the bracelet I did for my neighbor in return for taking care of something for me. She wanted bright, she got it!
I will post pics of my best bud in Ohio's bracelet as soon as I finish some other stuff I'm working on for her for an early bday present and get it mailed off for her. Hopefully the few free projects I'm doing will make for good advertising for stuff I can charge for!
Hope everyone's having a good day!


Walter parker said...

Hi Sharon,
Thanks for your comment on my latest blog. You are right about making mountains out of Mole hills, and that was basically the point I was trying to make, but not too clearly obviously.
I was going to reply to this blog of yours earlier but as I was in basic agreement with you I didn't. Sorry.
For what it is worth I agree with you and right now it really doesn't matter why You (America) and Us (Australia) went into Iraq in the first place, we are there now and can't leave it worse than it was before.
I know that it is a little like having a tiger by the Tail, but if we get tired and let go before the tiger gets tired, it is us who are going to get chewed. Having said that you are also right when you say that the Iraqis have to start standing up and doing , not so much more, but simply doing what they have already promised.
With that off my chest I will close now. Thanks too for listing my blog site. That's great and a lovely suprise.

Jeannine said...

The bracelets are beautiful! Good job. :-)

P.S. and those were some weird news stories. . .