Saturday, June 30, 2007

My soapbox again...

We cannot - not because we're being politically correct, but because we don't want an escalation in the war - cannot call this current "War on Terrorism" "War against radical Islam" instead. Why you ask? Because we'd suddenly be targeting Muslims. Not only would this inflame many Muslims that are quite impressionable, it would be a lie. Terrorism isn't just limited to Muslims. Timothy McVeigh wasn't Muslim. The Olympic Shoebomber wasn't Muslim (not that I'm aware of, correct me if I'm wrong), and neither was BTK. And all terrorized the country. Argue with me that BTK wasn't a "terrorist" - fine - but that won't fly in Wichita. Terrorism is terrorism, whether its effects are regional, national, or international. It is still terrorism. We must reevaluate our strategy. We must get out of Iraq. Let them figure it out. It'll probably come down to Saudi Arabia vs Iran. Fine. I'll cheer for the Saudis but I'm not going to go over there to help out. We need to get over our borders issues. We need to require that foreign governments either prosecute and lock up terrorists in their country, hand them over to us, or face us in their country to do it for them. Al-Qaida must not just be silenced, they must be destroyed. It is the only way we can win this war and secure our future for generations to come. Let's quit fighting this PC, "clean" war. World War I and II weren't won that way. People die in war, even civilians. Sad but true. But we MUST defeat them, every last d*** terrorist. There is no negotiating. There is no retreat. We must conquer. But these prisoners of war must never be released. Unlike other wars, these soldiers can never reassimilate into society. Enough of my soapbox.

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