Sunday, July 1, 2007

My Babble

You know, I seem to remember a time when technology liked me. When I turned the dial, the stove started warming up. When I turned on our stereo, put a record in (yes, an LP), and brought that needle down, music played. When I gave the TV power, she worked (until she started blowing out tubes). There was never a chance it might NOT work. It just did. My mom always said things were made better in the old days. Well my "old days" ain't that far back, but I can already see she was right. The TV takes ages to turn on, one burner takes forever to get hot, the xbox don't always want to read the game, and the PDA email program don't know how to keep an email sometimes. WTH? I thought technology was supposed to make our lives easier!! Now microwaves are dangerous to our health, and you can't just throw food in there and heat it up. Ever try microwaving aluminum? AHAHAHA that doesn't work!!! You can't throw a piece of foil over a dish and slide it in the microwave, you'll at LEAST lose your microwave. There's very few things that can't go into an old fashioned oven. Paper, plastic... that's just about it. You don't bake soup, so no reason to even put a can in there. It was so much easier! But in the drive for speed we lost convenience somewhere along the line. Oh well, thus is the life of a modern woman. Our men aren't able to make the $$ they used to because more of it than ever is paying the rent and grocery bills, so we have to work just to cover expenses. So our kids sit in front of the tv or play with children that we wouldn't be caught dead around normally because we're too busy. Dinner's got to be done in 10 minutes or the kids will fall asleep at the table. It's almost as if the whole country has ADHD. Let's slow down folks. Instead of sending that buddy of yours an email, how bout SNAIL mailing her a letter or even a postcard!! How bout calling your best friend and actually talking for hours instead of typing and developing carpultunnel syndrome from hours of emailing and instant messaging! Neither of those require you to stand face-to-face with someone (thankfully for me).
On another note, it seems as if Walter and I keep feeding off of each other's comments and blogs for our own, which is so great. It's so great to be able to bounce off of someone, come up with a great topic to yap about (er type). So here's my contribution.
We've been discussing the last few days the influences we have on others and why some of us tend to avoid social contact. Here's why for me. Too many people lying, backstabbing, cheating, spreading diseases, or even worse, trying to blow each other up. I want to tell too many people to shut the f*** up so much when I catch them lying. And I'm tired of the rich and famous crying about how hard THEY have it. These guys make more in one week what most of us make in a month or a year!!! Here's a thought for you famous people. Rent a bachelor pad instead of buying that mansion. Save that $$ or actually do GOOD with that money. Buy some insurance of your own. Get yourself a backup career. And then when you're out of a job or unable to work from injury, no crying! Now granted, some insurance plans suck, especially employer insurance companies. And if the injury happens on the job, the company's insurance should remedy the situation. But for someone to whine about not having $$ to spend on partying when they made tens of millions in their career has no excuse.
Alright, I'm probably going to edit this blog or at least amend it later. But it's 2am, so I think I'm allowed to babble. Goodnight folks.

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