Saturday, June 30, 2007

Why I must hit the lottery before I die

I so have to hit the lottery someday, there's so much I must do!!
1. Save the cats.
a. Set up a no-kill cat shelter for unwanted cats, especially sick ones. FIV and FeLV ok.
b. Completely fund wild animal - especially cats - conservation organizations.
2. College fund for my cousins' kids
3. Find and relocate my uncle so he's closer to me.
4. Buy a house out in the middle of nowhere with over 100 acres for reason 1a.
5. Buy the man every cd he ever wanted.
6. Fly in friends for a big ol' blog-fest in Historic Philadelphia.
7. Yearly trips to exotic places:
a. African savannah - to see the cheetahs
b. Vegas - so my better half can see the laser light show
c. Snake River Canyon, Twin Falls, Idaho - perfect summer getaway
8. Pay off debts for all close family
9. Winter house somewhere warm
10. Take care of some very special people.
11. On-call vet for all 1a cats and my cats.
12. End health care crisis for US kids
13. End starvation for US kids, then spred overseas
14. Buy Venezuela off of Chavez and help the poor. Make the rich work.
15. Totally fund Hydrogen-fuel technology to shove the oil back down Iran's throat.
16. Give the military a 150% pay raise. Privates should start out at 50k once they deploy.
17. Minimum salary for teachers 75k
18. Build the D*** US/Mexico fence!!
19. Computers for every child with encyclopedias, ebooks, educational games...
20. Free basic pet insurance for the first 2 pets for deserving but poor families.

Needless to say this list is not complete nor in any specific order, except 1a. I MUST save the cats!!!!! *sigh* I'll do what I can. I saved two. Perhaps the start is in the various Trap-Neuter-Release programs. But I'm going to need to hit the lottery so big I'm almost as rich as Bill Gates if not more to do all I want to do!!

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Walter parker said...

Hi Lynx, I think it great that you have a goal in life (To save cats). However you don't need the lottery to do that. In fact by saving two, you have all ready started doing that. And as you already know of other organizations doing something,no matter how small, you can help them too, either with man/women power or finances, or both and also by pushing their causes on your blog site.
The main things are to have a goal, start small and expand as you are able, and to start where you are and spread out only as you are able. Many people have great ideas but start too big and fail. Start small and spread. Great goal. stick at it.