Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Soapbox

The illegal immigration bill is FINALLY dead. I have, thanks to this bill, lost a little more confidence in presidential candidate Obama, who tried to further weaken the provision requiring that employers verify the citizenship of their employees and applicants. The border needs to be secured, not tomorrow, not next year, NOW. Finally, those in politics, at least enough of them, listened to us citizens and voted down this bill. We need to build our wall. Heck, let the illegals build it from the Mexican side of the border. Just don't provide them with a way back in. Then lets hire a bunch more border patrol officers. Let's bring our national guard home from the war, let them rest, then set them to help protect us - ON THE HOME FRONT. That's their job. The interior states help the border states out. The national guard is supposed to help us when the problem comes to us, whether it be border security, a major crime manhunt, or a natural disaster. Would Greensburg, Kansas still be in the condition it's in if the national guard was available to clean up fast and help people get back on their feet? Doubtful! Let's get our guardsmen and women home and set them to do their REAL job, not a perceived job.
What's this big stink with an iPhone? I don't want one device doing everything, because if it dies, you're F****D!! I feel a little apprehensive about using my pda as an mp3 player!! I sure don't want it being my phone too! Now I know I might be in the minority here, but I'm not willing to risk it!! My pda is my ebook reader, my gaming device, and main internet connection most of the day. I don't want it having to do even more.
Paris is out of jail... Big whoopy s***!! She needed to do her time. Most of us, contrary to conservative media, would've done that much time if not more had we been convicted of DUI, and then got caught driving TWICE on a suspended license. Her blatant disregard for the law, whether intentional or intentional, makes her case for jail that much better. Intent doesn't exempt.
Is it just me or are there more and more online dating sites advertising on tv nowadays? I'm pessimistic, as always. They don't - and can't - guarantee succes, yet some of them seem to try to make it sound like they do. Let's grow up people. You can't meet new people if you don't get OUT and meet some. Even I had to... And I'm the most anti-social person I know LOL. The 'net just gave me some contacts to meet, and it nearly cost me my life as I fell for a player that played well until he had me under his hand and control. My point is, you have to be careful, and dating online gives you a sometimes false sense of security.
Well that's enough of my soapbox for today. Laters folks!!

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