Sunday, August 12, 2007


Well I got snubbed 2-3 times last nite, the man went off on the "host" b**** (rightfully so, but wrong time), roommate got snubbed, and the man also got dissed by another set of neighbors. So all in all, what a shitty day! But oh well. Today we went grocery shopping at Giant for the first time and realized that they're 99% better than Wegman's... all except the food selection. Then it was grilling time. So all's well that ends well I guess. I got such fatty burgers that the fat rekindled the fire (to say the least) but the fire got to the burgers so quick the majority of the juice couldn't even escape. Perhaps next time I'll use more bread crumbs! LOL Peace folks... literally.
And as a side note, Venezuelan President Chavez forecasted $100/barrel oil soon... maybe that's how much he thinks we'll pay for his sht but he can get a life, we'll be driving hydrogen cars first. Oh and he thinks the US is gonna attack his POS country... we got bigger fish to fry, idiot!!!!

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