Saturday, August 11, 2007

Trouble on the horizon?

I'm just waiting to get chewed out. There's a complex-wide picnic of sorts today and it's bout to start and I haven't paid the $10 (which was due monday actually lol) and have no intention on it either (they won't let someone bring the hamburgers so they charge everyone for one of them to make them and paper plates n stuff, which, I'm sorry, if it's costing them that much to get that stuff, they need to shop elsewhere). I honestly could probably get all the supplies AND the meat for $30 tops. Nevermind the food isn't all that good and the ones who put the show together aren't that friendly, especially after the roommate fixed the one's car and she hasn't even paid him for the part yet much less a little for the labor to say thanks. I honestly think it's more of a ploy to try to show she still has the "best parties" as they have been outside our door almost every weekend and during the week a lot lately. No food, just people hanging out laughing... that's what it's all about. So I'm going to stay inside except for when I'm hauling laundry - might as well get SOMETHING done! I might just hang out with one of the other neighbors who really didn't want to socialize either! :P
On the news of the pda, nothing new right now, I haven't even started to prepare for what might very well happen... me having to reformat it anyways (it's called a hard boot). So I'm kinda procrastinating, but I still haven't even received word yet that the Bluetooth thing has shipped. We'll see. If it doesn't soon, I'll complain! I'm mighty good at that! LOL
As for the cats, they are doing quite well, I actually am surrounded by furballs at the moment. So all is well that ends well, so here I end it! Peace to all of you!!

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