Saturday, August 11, 2007

Trouble update

Not only have I been totally ignored, I've been totally dissed! I was told not to make my famous chicken a month and a half ago but now someone's making chicken on the grill! I guess my juicy chicken isn't good enough, never mind only one of the neighbors has had it and she loved it! So you know what? FK ALL OF THEM. If I ain't good enough for some drunk b****'s party, then I ain't ever cooking for them again. They didn't even want my brownies last year. FK THEM. Done's done. I sat outside for an hour and only one - who hangs out around here anyways - even said HI to me, even when I walked up to the crowd. I got more "hi"s from the neighbor I went over to see than the crowd at the grill-out. Another day all by myself. Fk it tho, I'd rather be alone and alone than in the middle of a crowd and totally ignored.

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