Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In Memory...

Here we are, 6 years after the fact, and not really any safer in the
grand scheme of things. Thousands of families and survivors are still
grieving, and Osama is still alive to taunt and torment us. I don't
know how many of you will be watching the tv like a hawk fearing
another attack, but I promise you a prayer will go out this morning at
least here that there isn't - especially with the recent word that
they are planning attacks on "targets" we would never even consider.
So on this day of remembrance, I ask all of you to say a prayer for
the victims of the terrorist attacks in NYC, DC, and VA as well as
those in London and Madrid, and pray our governments never let their
guard down and allow another tragedy as such to EVER happen again.
On lighter news, the boys still haven't learned to play nice. I'm
sitting here typing this on my PDA, and Curzon comes darting back with
a mouth full of fur - and it's NOT Jadzia's... But considering the
mouth full of fur, I don't think he got Nimbus' injured ear. Nimbus is
stunting the healing enough on his own, he doesn't need any help.
I saw this really cute old AM/FM portable radio at the thrift store
yesterday and am considering snatching it up today. It would be nice
if it worked, and usually they won't sell anything that doesn't, but
at $2, with money as tight as it is right now, I'm debating - that's
if it's even still there. I've got some money coming in the next week
or so, but I'd rather save it for a more necessary purchase down the
road. We shall see.
I've not heard but one comment on my new layout so far, I'm gathering
because no one's seen it yet. PFT!! Hehe just razzing ya'll. I just
had to put up a baby picture of Nimbus, he was just too cute of a
kitten to not show him off. I had no idea he was going to be such a
big cat, heck for the first year at least we thought he was going to
be the runt of the litter! Then all of a suddenly, it seemed like
every time he slept he grew an inch or two. And we all know how much
cats sleep. When they say that Coons take 4-5 years to mature, they're
not kidding. Curzon was still growing at 4 and I think Nimbus (who
just turned 5) has just finally stopped growing. There's still a lot
of mellowing left in the boys, but they're both definitely adults.
Unfortunately for them, they learned (I think) not to pick so many
fights with Jadzia as they can't catch her. But that leaves a lot of
boxing matches between the boys, and neither knows how to play nice.
Curzon whacks heads and Nimbus kicks everywhere his paws can reach.
But sometimes you just gotta get it out, I'd just much rather they
leave with a mouth full of fur than scrapes and blood on the head!
Anyways, if I'm up for it, I'll write more later... It's not even
630am yet and I really need to either get motivated or take a nap... I
haven't decided which yet! Peace!


Walter parker said...

Sorry to be stuck in the past Lynx but I found the old blue fine but the Black very dark. Otherwise the layout is fine.

Cheryl said...

So did you get motivated or did you take a nap? I never, ever nap. Just can't do it.

I said many prayers today. I used to live in dread of attacks. I had my emergency kits ready. It's time to update them, but pray that they're never needed.