Monday, May 26, 2008

Reminiscing and update

See, the nice warm weather and sunshine just couldn't last. It's FINALLY beautiful outside - by my standards of course. It's 80 outside, and I'm indoors... but not for long. I do think I need to stretch out OUTSIDE and enjoy this weather, though I might see if I can hunt down last year's bug spray and see if its still good. But they're already calling for nasty weather by this evening, though not much is showing up on radar - yet. My heart sank when I saw the devastation in MN and IA over the weekend from the latest round of devastating tornados. Every time I see it, I just want to run and hide, though my actual hiding my face has decreased some. But 9 years after the massive tornado that very well could've killed me AND my Mom (she was with me at work at that time - she had errands to run and didn't drive so she'd wait for me to get off of work afterwards) that early May evening. Nevermind the fact that I had no idea my favorite cousin was able to make it out of the house in time, and while their house wasn't destroyed, it took a lot of structural and cosmetic damage which took them a long time to repair. For years afterwards, the mere slightest rumble of thunder would have me under blankets afraid for my very life. Yet I was the last one in shelter that night, making sure everyone left the store and got home before it hit, warning some of them it was coming long before the meteorologists said it was. But it was a horrific day, and anything that started in OK and made it to the KS border was bound to hit at least close by, and so as I tracked it from the radio descriptions on my map of KS and N OK, I saw the path it was taking and knew it was making a bulls-eye mark on my small community. The meteorologist I had come to trust after he'd taken over the reigns of my trusted friend and chief meteorologist confirmed my fears, told me where it was going exactly (and he was right) and gave me an estimate on how long I had to get everyone out and get into the cooler. He still doesn't believe he saved any lives - but it was his advice to me and everyone who was watching him that evening that made most of us take shelter. Just searching for the links to some of the devastation makes me nauseous but I must. Here is the wikipedia link to the outbreak info. If you scroll down on this page, you will see the May 3 Kansas tornado - 4 dark but ominous photos of the main tornado - an F4 (they don't get TOO much stronger folks) - against the sunset-lit sky. Unfortunately, the pictures from my hometown seem to have been taken down off the 'net, but I think just googling that day's outbreak should suffice unfortunately. The system had produced an F5 down in OK just a few hours prior, and NO other storm fueled a tornado that strong until Greensburg got hit. So yes, bad weather outbreaks like the ones we've seen this year make me relive it to a point. The smaller ones don't affect me that much - it's when there's nothing left but foundations do I well up inside and out.
Now with that out of me, let's continue.
I have good news. With me being required to be to work an hour EARLIER than normal this week, I was 'fraid that I'd have to be up so much earlier, but a coworker nearby has volunteered to pick me up on her way to work. So I will be a little early to work but it's better than having to be up even earlier and walking. And I won't have to haul my winter coat home! LMAO so I guess it's all good. I also told her I'd donate to her gas fund - though she lives right on the way - but I figure even $5-10 is fair for her providing a valuable service, especially in this current economic state. So now I will only have to be up an extra half-hour earlier, and last night I set the alarm clock 15 minutes back to get accustomed to getting up earlier.
I still haven't gotten my review that I was supposed to have gotten last week - and the boss wasn't even in today. So I'm ok, but I'm not rushing it either lol.
I'm off for now though, as I have to be in bed soon! Goodnight folks!

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jumpinginpuddles said...

well done on getting a lift with a friend we hope your week is awesome