Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hello my friends. Cold yet? Burr, I know I am! I know, I'm ALWAYS cold, but this weather just has it going right down into my joints and muscles, so much that not even a shower seems to help. I need a deep hot tub, because I think before too long, a soak in the ol' tub won't help either! I have a bad feeling this is going to be a cold, snowy winter, which isn't good for anyone involved, except those who make a killing up in the mountains with the skiers etc. Oh, and the road salt manufacturers.
Work still sucks, as always, but doesn't it always? LOL. But we have a few new people that started the last few days, including on the dreaded second shift. So hopefully they're more responsible. I haven't met but one of the new hires yet, but hey, I gotta give them a chance, right?. I'm up to other things as well, but things I can't and won't publish on a public blog, as it's not a proper place for me to divulge such things. But hey, know I'm enjoying it. And get your filthy minds out of the gutter, it's NOTHING like that. It's just some volunteer stuff that I got going on this week, but nothing special, well except to me.
Politics is still in the front of my mind. I am optimistic about the new year and the new President, but cautious as well. Politicians have a nasty habit of being lying scoundrels, and I trust NONE of them. But, after what we as a country have been through and what we ALMOST ended up with, I HAVE to be optimistic! And then there's the one repug on the tv on one of the pundit shows on MSNBC or something saying that the election was "really" close. Dude, even by the popular vote total, Obama won by, what, 4 percent? Considering the number of people in this country, that's a LOT of people, not exactly a mandate of a close election. Let's not even go into the electoral count. THAT was a blowout. But hey, repugs are just embarrassed that they lost, and a lot of hurt egos are trying to regain some composure thinking of 2012 already. Apparently, even Ms. Idiot herself, AK Gov. Palin. If she even tries a 2012 run, I might just vomit - before I start laughing my rear end off!
Did you all see Glenn Beck's no longer on CNNHN? Maybe he's so upset that Obama won that he can't stand being anywhere BUT with his fellow repugs. Or maybe it's the whole Mormon - anti-gay California Prop 9 thing, and CNN told him he was despicable, in which case, they'd be right. I'm straight as a narrow, don't get me wrong. But I'm not scared of anyone, and what harm does letting a couple people get married who just happen to be of the same gender do to a straight couple? Hey, if they want to get married, fine, let them have the right. Just make sure they have the same legal rules in divorce court too, that's all I ask, and I think even they agree that's only fair. But c'mon folks. Grow up. Let consenting adults be consenting adults and get the big government nose out of it.
They were talking on tv about this British young lady (13 I believe) who won her right to die. She had leukemia, and the medicine she was on put a hole in her heart that they can't fix for whatever reason. She just wants to go peacefully at her home, rather than "buy some time" with a heart transplant, more doctors, more medicines, etc. Isn't that her right? I saw her on tv, she's a very mature young woman for her age. And if someone told YOU that you were dying and no matter what they did, even a transplant, you'd still die an early death, would you much rather spend your final days with your family, tie up loose ends instead of continuing a tiring barrage of doctor visits, tests, treatments, medicines, etc... all the stuff that got you IN the pickle you're in first of all? I only hope she goes peacefully in her sleep instead of painfully and slowly, as a young woman who's already fought the fight of her young life deserves no less. And maybe this'll push the medical community to find better, SAFER treatments for the diseases that are killing our children.
Alright, did I miss something? Is there something any of you want my opinion on? I know none of you are likely to speak up, but hey, I gotta try. I just might give it a pondering, and who knows, you might just be the inspiration for the next blog post!
Peace folks!

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