Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On Osama

Osama must be captured.
I understand his capture wouldn't end either war.
But his head on the metaphorical American sword would be a HUGE morale
boost - to both the soldiers fighting and dying for their country and
for every one of us back home.
Justice also would be served to all the other victims of his terror.
Us capturing or (preferrably) killing him would help our image in much
of the world. It would surely galvanize the terrorists, but they
already have dozens of reasons to attack us (think of our historical
documents and amended documents).
I personally want to see his head gone from his body. I know, I
shouldn't, it's not proper nor right. I know this. But justice MUST be
served. Thousands of people CANNOT die for nothing and their killer go
So, to ALL of our veterans who gave EVERYTHING for us, from Day 1 to
today and tomorrow, THANK YOU.

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