Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ho Hum...

Hello my friends. It has indeed been a while. My apologies to all of you, but especially to those among you who check daily, so as not to miss anything. I promise that you haven't missed anything, as all I do is work, eat and sleep lately. My internet time is down, except on the weekends, and even that isn't what it once was. I rarely even chat with anyone on any of the messengers anymore either, so it's not just my blog buddies being neglected. When things are as mundane and predictable as they are here right now, there's no sense in repeating myself time and time again. Even Nimbus is being predictable – predictably stubborn that is! The other two are being their normal selves too, and work is as tiring as it always is, if not more so.

I wanted to write about a couple things I've seen on the news lately but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, not right now at least. I tend to be a little harsh when I get on my soapbox and right now taking that big step to get ON the soapbox requires too much energy – energy I don't have right now!

Mr. Cat took me to Taco Bell today – and while that doesn't seem like that big of a deal, consider that this is only the third time I've had it (if that) since I've been up here amongst these ****ing yanks! I can't believe it's been over two years since I moved up here, especially considering I had no clue one could miss Cincinnati so much! We are getting close to our 7 year anniversary mark, and while that seems like so long, trust me it doesn't feel like it. Maybe it's because we spent the first 3 years trying to repair all the "damage" from a lifetime of being poor and… well, let's not go there. I think everyone that knows me knows where I was going with that thought. By no means are we done, but we've made tremendous progress. I haven't been this "fat" in years (don't laugh at me, I know I'm not FAT, just "fatter" than I've been for a very long time), and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Of course, you know Murphy's Law comes into effect. An extra 10 pounds of fat doesn't equal one GRAM of extra insulation! *INSERT SWEAR WORDS HERE* LOL. I'll get over it though – someday! That someday will probably be the day I hit the lottery and move somewhere where it's always warm like Hawaii! There will be no moving to Arizona or Florida, where it's either freezing in the morning and hot by lunchtime in the winter or humid as **** all year around! I want 75 all the time, baby! LOL I can't say that it wouldn't be nice though just to move somewhere where it didn't get QUITE so cold. I'm not sure Mr. Cat wants to move me too far south though. All the southern hospitality and accents might send me into overload! No offense to any of you yanks that might be reading this, but nothing beats a southern gentleman's warm hospitality, whether you're a long-time neighbor or just moving in. It's not just the guys opening doors for us ladies, it's the way they treat their women with respect but also keeping in mind we ARE women after all, not the brutes that men are by nature.

So I am off now, to meander my way around the wilderness that is the internet.

May your weekend be quiet, and your week go by quickly and stress-free.

And here's your cuteness pic of the day. One little Prince Joey Nimbus for you!

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