Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jammin' Lynxie Style!

Now THIS is what I call rockin' out to some good music. This is some of the stuff I was playin' today as I was cookin' some hamburger helper cussin' out Wegman's in my head for not handing me a receipt! Honestly though, I probably just lost it. I THINK I got the total though, but I'll know when it hits my bank statement.

Some I can't embed some of the videos, sorry. Others aren't videos as much as they're clips off tv. pft!



(sorry, I can't find a decent Krauss version of the song in video, just listen. see I'm not a God-hater, just a religion hater. great song, can't take ANYTHING away from it or the voice behind it. very much a classic gospel song.)

See, I'm not stuck on one kind of music!

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