Sunday, October 11, 2009

Curzon's First Video

co-starring Nimbus of course!

This video is the first I've ever taken with Mr. Cat's camera that came out worth a crap. I'm sorry it's such a bumpy video but you try wrestling with a 20lb cat with one hand and shooting it with the other! There are few things I think in this world that Curzon enjoys more than playing tug of war with a nip sock!
Nimbus, on the other hand, doesn't even need to chew on it to get high. I think just smelling it is enough to get Nimbus' nerves jumping. Just before this video was taken, the boys got in a good ol' boxing match - and of course Curzon got his head kicked - and poor Nimbus got his knee bit! That's not including all the mutual head smacks - there is always plenty of that to go around. That is actually the reason I had the camera in hand. I wasn't so much trying to show you a wrestling match - I was hoping for a boxing match! I'm lucky they cooperated this much!

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