Thursday, October 8, 2009

Making Progress

Today and yesterday were the first days in ages I've felt decent enough to do anything but lounge around. So I decided it was time I started catching up on some of the things that needed to get done. I got the living room table nearly cleared off - all the junk is gone finally - I think half the icky feeling was the mess that was made from both of us feeling icky lately. So I got a lot of the straightening done finally. I had Mr. Cat take out the bulk of the trash, though I took out a couple light small bags later on, but I still need Mr. Cat to haul out the cat litter box - it's full of the old box - it was time they get a clean box, so it got scrubbed out and fresh litter put in. So much for that 28lb bucket of litter, it's nearly empty! I got the worst of the dishes done last night and let the majority of the rest soak overnight. They got finished today and just a couple odds and ends are soaking right now - they'll get washed when I'm done dirtying up stuff from getting the stuff for burritos cooked etc. I managed to get most of my work stuff sorted out yesterday morning before I left - I just had to get some stuff out - but I managed to leave my tag at home AGAIN. That's twice in two weeks - thank goodness making a new one is easy, and I can't possibly have too many ROFL. I still have to clean my side of the bedroom again, but not today. The grocery shopping's done - and I nearly made my budget - was over by only 2 bucks! Mr. Cat's chocolate stash is refilled (he doesn't know it yet LOL) and boy did I replenish it. There's more variety than most halloween bags I think! I might have to raid it for a bite-sized snickers or something... I'm not much of a chocolate chick, I outgrew it years ago. I am trying to break my tea addiction, though it's hard! So I got some travel-size packs of apple juice, a small thing of OJ, and some little cans of low-sodium v8.
The cats are doing good, making their own progress. Jadzia's outside-the-box issues are subsiding and I think scrubbing the box should finish solving that problem (that's half the reason I did it). Nimbus is starting to learn proper princely etiquette when it comes to cuddling with his humans (aka no rears in the face!). Jadzia still isn't itching as bad as she was, but she's staying on the cortizone pills until at least next weekend, to give her time to finish healing the owies she has, but they're healing up very nicely - I was checking on that last night. Nimbus' numbers seem to have stabilized (now watch, when I check him in a little bit, he'll be through the roof just as I'm bragging on him rofl). The boys are sure acting crazy as always but maybe it's part of their natural personality that just was hidden when they were a little chubbier and out of shape. Jadzia, however, never missed a beat, because she was always the one being chased!
So, all in all, I think we're all happy here. Mr. Cat is over his bug, my tummy bug is subsiding and the head cold is nearly gone (with the exception of the runny nose part lol). Nimbus is at a happy point, Jadzia's healing up and she's realized she's not sneezing like she was (she just looks TONS happier) and Curzon's just happy he's not having to go through any of the drama! LOL So I'm off for now to wrangle up some cats and turn into the vet tech for a few minutes.
Hope everyone is doing well!


Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

We're glad you're feeling better - and we send lots of healing purrs!!!

Jamie said...

I just found your blog----I LOVE your kitties, they are beautiful! And it sounds like quite a most of them are. Well, mine anyway, and mine have no issues other than being spoiled! I am happy to see that someone other than me is cat-crazy!
I'll be back...

Happy Weekend!